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Intensify and maximize your recovery with The Nomad Tub and Chiller. We bring you the most portable cooling, filtration, and sanitation system to give you cold, clean water 24/7 making it the perfect addition to your nomad lifestyle. Safe for indoor or outdoor use with the easiest set up ever, like 15 mins. Fill your tub up with a hose, turn it on, set your temp and get ready for cold. Our sturdy inflatable and portable design is built for your nomadic life or can stay in place. With our wicked fast setup and takedown time, the tub is easy to move around, take with you on the go when you're on the run, and set it back up at your next destination.

With 0.8 HP, the tub cools down to 37 degrees within 5 hours.

With our state of the art filtration and sanitation system, the water stays clean and ready to use 24/7 using ozone technology.  

lead time: 1 business day

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